Glass Curtain Walls

 We install, repair, and replace curtain wall glass in Montgomery, central Alabama, and throughout the Southeast. We are experienced, efficient, reliable and very cost-effective.

muli-story exterior mirrored glass curtain wall

Curtain walls are a special type of glass installation. The name comes from the fact that the walls themselves are not part of the structure, but are hung like curtains hanging in a window. This means that the glass panels do not provide any structural support other than that of their own integrity, and are made to be as lightweight as possible. Most curtain walls have aluminum framing, and the connectors and gaskets between adjoining panels offer weather proofing to the building. The connectors between the panels and the structure of the building are usually steel or concrete and are vital for safety and for weather resistance. Some panels have the ability to float slightly within the framing to adjust to variations in temperature and wind loading.

curtain wall panels showing joints and fasteners

Curtain walls typically span more than one floor. The seals of the panels and the design of the joints between them become even more important than those in a typical storefront. Many panels have special gaskets designed to equalize pressure between interior and exterior air temperatures.

Since curtain walls are really the skin of the building, the glass used has more stringent design requirements than normal windows. This includes lowered heat emissions, tinting, weight, and structural strength. We understand how they work, take care to match the specifications for the glass exactly, install them to ensure the integrity of the seals, and adjust for whatever design conditions were planned.

Call Glass Masters to repair or replace your building's curtain wall glass. We understand their application and will give your building the attention to detail it needs, all at a very reasonable price.

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