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Windows are one of the most important parts of your home or apartment. Natural light reduces our dependence on other types of energy while holding in the temperature and humidity level you have set for your home. They also protect you and your possessions from the outside world.

Windows that are broken, cracked, or chipped need to be replaced as quickly as possible. Glass Masters has the skill, equipment, and experience needed to provide repair or window glass replacement quickly and at affordable prices. We are committed to providing excellent service and low prices. We are able to assist you with

  • Residential window glass repair and replacement
  • Exterior French doors
  • Interior glass
  • Solar panels
  • Emergency board-up

Learn more about these services below.

sunroom with large windows and glass doors

Most residential windows are now double-pane or triple-pane windows with insulated glass, or a combination of single pane and storm windows. In newer homes and apartments, the glass may also be low-E to keep out harmful UV rays. Some homes have glass that is tinted to filter sunlight and make living areas comfortable. In all cases, matching the existing glass is important to the look of the home and the integrity of seals and weather protection. We can provide window repair and install replacement windows to better than new. We provide window repair to match the surround, and ensure that all of the weather protection technology available will be used for your installation.

Glass used in solar panels is subject to the same chance of cracking and breaking as other glass surfaces in your home. The most common solar panel is the photovoltaic cell type which includes a panel as the protection for the cell underneath. The quality of the glass in solar panels is important since the energy is generated from direct sunlight. We replace solar panel glass with the quality of glass specified by the manufacturer.

a glass top dining table

We can also install or replace interior glass used to protect table tops and desk tops. A glass top provides protection to vulnerable wood surfaces while allowing the beautiful wood grain to remain visible. We use various types of glass for this purpose including plate and tempered glass to reduce the chances of breakage in the future. We bevel the glass edges to be safe for your family and guests.

When weather disasters or other emergencies happen, you can always call Glass Masters, 24/7, for emergency board-up and tarp services to protect your home. Saving your possessions and the surrounding building may depend on how quickly your home can be protected when damaged. We understand that and want to get you weather-tight as quickly as possible.

Call us today for all glass replacement or installation in your home in the central Alabama area.

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